Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Winter Without Snow and The Fox Project...
It seems the snow queen has decided not to visit us this year in the South West of England. We have had plenty of frost, but only a tiny bit of snow for five minutes which soon melted away. I'm really missing it because last year we did not have any either. I think a winter without snow is just wrong and a sign of environmental changes that is causing a lot of problems in nature.This beautiful 'Snow Queen' illustration is by Angela Barrett from pinterest and A winter scene from January 2010 near my home.

The milder weather and constant rain encouraged the birds to have chicks far too early in 2014, I saw a few casualties in the garden and baby birds were dying because of the warm and then sudden cold climate. This poor little fellow did not survive. I tried feeding him and keeping him warm, but he was far too weak and there was no sign of his parents anywhere.
We really do need to treasure and preserve wildlife because it is getting harder for birds and animals to survive environmental changes and the cruelity of man.
I decided to start the New year in a positive way. I found 'The Fox Project' on Facebook just before Christmas. They are a none-profit organization that is run by volunteers, who help injured foxes and abandoned cubs. 
The photo shown below was taken from their Website Gallery. Lorraine was an abandoned vixen cub and was successfully rehabilited into the wild...
I will never understand why anyone would want to harm these beautiful shy creatures. Farmers and people that own chickens seem to have always disliked the fox and consider them as vermin or aggressive towards pets. 
I believe it is possible to live in harmony with foxes by making secure chicken coops and keeping pets indoors at night. I'm not going talk too much about fox hunting here because I just see it as a senseless, cruel act that should remain banned! This shy foxy was found on pinterest.
If you want to support 'The Fox Project' charity, you can donate money on their website or just visit and like the Facebook Page. They are getting a lot of support from artists as well, I have sold a few art prints and some foxy jewellery in my Etsy shop, and then donated some of the money to the project. At the moment I have a few silver earrings with carnelian stones that are for sale, to help the cause...
I hope you are all having a good winter with some snow. Stay cosy and warm by the fire and see you soon! xx

Monday, 22 December 2014

The Solstice Light. 
It is nearly Christmas Eve and I have only just managed to get a small post done in time! 
Last week I was not too well, so my plan to do a festive blog post was delayed. 
My feelings about Christmas are mixed emotions because I always feel a sadness and miss some of my family who have passed away. I don't usually talk about my deep feelings online but this time of year makes me think of other people who feel the same way as me. This beautiful reflective image is by Andrey Jitkov.
I do love the magic of Christmas though and the Winter Solstice helps me feel a connection to my loved ones. Fairy lights and tree decorations bring a warmth and beauty to the home that I find comforting. I count my blessings every year, especially now we are more settled in our own house, where I can put my old paintings upon the walls that have been in storage for such a long time... Zigsa enjoyed a little bit of sunshine in the kitchen and he showed his happy face for the camera.

Over the years I have collected many tree decorations, I bet you have as well...
Each one holds a memory of Christmas passed and have a story to tell. Some are quite old and have even travelled to the other side of the world, a few decorations were bought when I lived abroad.

You should always have a little gnome to protect your home. Also, a sun to bring you joy. Have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year. xx

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Gold Hearts in My Studio and Autumn Reflections. 
I'm a bit late with a blog post this month, November is a busy time of year leading up to Christmas with wrapping parcels that will travel to new homes, near and far. While I was packing the other day, the low autumn sunlight was vibrant as it shone through my studio window onto my coffee cup... 
The gold painted hearts reflected onto my desk. I was also designing new jewellery pieces for the shop and trying to draw a self-portrait, which I'm finding quite difficult to start painting at the moment. I have tried quite a few times over the years to create a picture of myself, but have failed. So this time, I thought about the animals that I love and added them into the picture as well, of course I had to draw Zigsa and really had to look closely at his markings, on his spotty fur coat. I also added the red birthmark on my cheek which is in the shape of a heart.
Frida Kahlo did some fabulous paintings of herself with her pets and she has inspired me to be more creative when doing a self-portrait. The owl in my sketch is not a pet, but is the tawny owl that I saw in my garden last year, I felt a strong connection when I saw it close up and managed to take a photo just before it flew away....

My drawing is a piece of work in progress and there is still much to do. I feel it is one of the hardest things, drawing an image of yourself, because you have to really look at who you are and capture your spirit as well as a likeness... I'm not sure if I have acheived this yet, like Frida has in the painting called, 'Frida Kahlo, Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird'.
I will show the illustration as it develops in future posts. I might even make a copy of it and sell a print in Etsy, if it's good enough!
New Jewellery Ideas and a Christmas Giveaway on Facebook.
At the moment I'm into crystal jewellery. On Halloween I visited Avebury where I bought a few clear quartz stones from the crystal shop. I love clear quartz and the way the light shines through them. I'm really enjoying making pendants with the pieces that I have found. Two necklaces with pearls have already sold from Etsy and are on their way to Australia.
Here are another couple of necklaces that have just been listed HERE!
They are, one small ceramic owl with fairy silk ribbon and a jade bead. The other pendant is clear quartz which is wrapped in gold sari silk, held in place with a large bronze beadcap.
If you are looking for gift ideas there is still time to buy from #Etsy
Finally, I have decided to have a Christmas giveaway again on Facebook. If you are interested in taking part in the draw, please stop by MY PAGE. The draw is 4 posts down from the top!
You can win a pair of these Red Bear Earrings. I will anounce the winner on MONDAY, 24th November, it was going to be on Sunday but I think we need to give a little more time for more likes and comments.
Do look and maybe share the Bears. See you soon! xx